About me

Hi guys!

As I sit here thinking to myself how to best reveal myself to the world it’s hard to imagine where you all might be reading this from, or if you’re reading it at all. This is my first ever blog and I’m not quite sure what goes into making one, but I’ll give it a go.

While this blog will be full of real life stories and adventures of yours truely, it’s a bit scary plastering my personal thoughts online for the world to see. So in-light of anyone being able to see this blog, I’m going to go by Dutch.

First things first (or third) here’s a few things about me: I’m a 20-year-old guy living in New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland. I’m a bit out of my depth as I only moved here last year and most people I have meet already have their friend groups, it’s proving heard to break ground here and be included.

I’m doing it tough up here I guess you could say and I’m in desperate need of some friends. I’m an extrovert so being left to my own accord all the time is a pretty dull feeling.

Being a Kiwi bloke, I often struggle to get my feelings across, so a lot of this probably goes unnoticed. I’m not using this blog to get people’s sympathy but instead am looking to use this blog as a way to unload my feelings, observations and thoughts in a creative way – instead of bottling them all up inside my brain.

For now though, I find myself writing this at 1am in the morning with having to wake-up at 7am for work, bugger. My mind was busy at work thinking of ways I could express myself when I thought about making a blog and here we are.

As the seconds and minutes continue to go by I’m struggling to think of ways to wrap this up… so I might just cut it short.

Until next time,